Important notice about this site (4th February 2018):
This site will not be maintained any more starting from 4th February 2018.

Anything you read in this site should be taken AS IS and with no warranty to be up to date or valid and might not reflect the current Mooncoin community work.
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What is the history of Mooncoin as a cryptocurrency? - Permalink Copy to clipboard
Mooncoin is an altcoin originally released at the end of 2013 with the idea that there is one coin for every millimetre between the earth and the moon (384 billion). Many were sceptical of the large number of coins in the beginning, and although there was no pre-mining of the coin done, the potential mining rewards were extremely large (0 to 2 million for the first 100,000 blocks, scaling down to a fixed 29531 at block 384,401). The idea was to have enough coins for everyone, making this a coin created and mined by the people, for the people.

Click here to download a PDF with a condensed, point-by-point history of Mooncoin since the inception of the first ANN thread 3+ years ago, up to date as of December 30, 2016.
Where can I buy, sell or trade Mooncoin? - Permalink Copy to clipboard
ATTENTION: Novaexchange announced it is not closing any more (2018-01-14), but it still hasn't enabled deposits, so please don't buy/sell for now
Are there limitations to the amount of withdrawal in the current exchanges? - Permalink Copy to clipboard
No limitations currently as stated on their support website article

Different levels of daily limitation of withdrawal apply based on the verification steps done on your account.
Procedure Daily Withdrawal limit
Email verification 500 $
Email verification + phone 5000 $
Email verification + phone + ID document 25000 $
Source: Bleutrade terms and conditions - section 6
Will there be a fork? When? What will change? - Permalink Copy to clipboard
Yes, there will be a fork @ Block 1.250.000.
No, this fork will not include a burn of coins.
No, this fork will not generate another coin as Bitcoin Cash fork did.

To know at which block we are at now please go Here and read the last Block Height value from the table or check the widget in this page

There is no exact timer for when the fork is going to happen because it depends on the ongoing hashrate of the mooncoin network. Check the widget in this page

What impact will the fork have (source:
  • Hardfork to new codebase occurs at block 1,250,000, however Mooncoin 0.10 and 0.13 wallets will be compatible until this point.

  • PoW algorithm is Scrypt, not BalloonHash. Pools and lightning network (in the future) support Scrypt, Balloon is exotic.

  • Block retarget algorithm will switch to DUAL_KGW3 with Bitsend timeout; after which diff will lower dynamically if a block has not been found after 60 minutes.

  • Warpsync block speedup - meaning a full sync from scratch can be achieved in 34 minutes (tested to the point of obsession on a core2quad q8200, you will sync quicker).

  • Controlled lowering of coin emission via dynamic nSubsidy (schedule available at

  • Top Mooncoin addresses are unspendable and contain more than 77 billion frozen MOONcoins, which were not delivered (till March, 2017) by the Cryptsy exchange to the Florida court and were not returned to legitimate owners

What happens to my mooncoins during the fork? Are they safe? - Permalink Copy to clipboard
Your coins are going to be safe if they:
IMPORTANT: you are the only one responsible for your coins, these are only guidelines
Are there other exchanges that will support Mooncoin anytime soon? - Permalink Copy to clipboard
Currently there are no offical announcements about exchanges that are going to support Mooncoin, but in order to make it happen please participate in upvoting Mooncoin among other coins:
What is the best way to keep my Mooncoins safe? - Permalink Copy to clipboard
There is no doubt that the best way is to use a paper wallet: You can find a complete FAQ in the link below.
  • You can generate it offline and store it safely
  • Your coins are not going to be affected by any fork
  • You are the only one that has the private/public key pair
  • You are not depending on any online exchange/wallet
  • To send Mooncoins you have on your paper wallet you have either to import them in the wallet or import them into an online service wallet
  • If you lose your private/public key you lose your coins (obviously).
Here the steps to import your private key back to a desktop wallet.
How do I import my private key (and so its paired address) stored on paper wallet to my desktop wallet? - Permalink Copy to clipboard
When you create a paper wallet you will have:
1. A public address used to receive money
2. A private key that allows only you to use the money on the paired address (NEVER SHARE THIS ONE)
We will use the private key to do the import

To import your private key and so have the paired address available on the wallet:
  1. Make sure you downloaded the latests wallet version
  2. Start the desktop wallet
  3. Wait until the blockchain is up to date (here a way for speeding it up)
  4. Go on the menu "Help" and click on "Debug window"
  5. In the debug window go to the tab "Console"
  6. Write the following string replacing the word YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY with your actual private key in the console input and hit enter
    importprivkey YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY
  7. The wallet is going to do a rescan of the blockchain, it could take a while based on you hard disk speed
  8. Now you should be able to:
    • See the transactions of you address
    • Be able to see your address in menu -> File -> Receiving addresses
From where can I download the latest desktop wallet? - Permalink Copy to clipboard
The releases of the Mooncoin wallet are available on the Mooncoin Github Account
Desktop Wallet for Mac is currently under development
Why does the wallet say it needs 3+ to sync? - Permalink Copy to clipboard
With a clean install of the wallet the whole blockchain of Mooncoin has to be downloaded.
If you want to speed up the process just download the blockchain from this site (follow the instructions on their site).

Anyway after the fork the wallet will sync faster thanks to this feature addeded recently:
- Warpsync block speedup - meaning a full sync from scratch can be achieved in 34 minutes
Why is the wallet not syncing? - Permalink Copy to clipboard
1. go to and copy all the nodes listed.
2. go to your wallet folder and create a text document.
3. paste all the nodes from the page to the text document.
4. save the text document in your mooncoin wallet folder as mooncoin.conf
5. Restart wallet
Is Mooncoin a PoS (Proof of Stake) Coin? - Permalink Copy to clipboard
No, Mooncoin is a PoW (Proof of Work) Coin
Link with more details about PoW (Proof of Work) and PoS (Proof of Stake)
Mining - How is the reward schedule for Mooncoin mining? - Permalink Copy to clipboard
block: 1100000 reward: 17906
block: 1200000 reward: 16414
block: 1250000 reward: 4847
block: 1300000 reward: 4474
block: 1400000 reward: 4154
block: 1500000 reward: 3877
block: 1600000 reward: 3635
block: 1700000 reward: 3421
block: 1800000 reward: 3231
block: 1900000 reward: 3061
block: 2000000 reward: 2908
block: 2100000 reward: 2769
block: 2200000 reward: 2643
block: 2300000 reward: 2529
block: 2400000 reward: 2423
block: 2500000 reward: 2326
block: 2600000 reward: 2237
block: 2700000 reward: 2154
block: 2800000 reward: 2077
block: 2900000 reward: 2005
block: 3000000 reward: 1938
block: 3100000 reward: 1876
block: 3200000 reward: 1817
block: 3300000 reward: 1762
block: 3400000 reward: 1710
block: 3500000 reward: 1661
block: 3600000 reward: 1615
block: 3700000 reward: 1572
block: 3800000 reward: 1530
block: 3900000 reward: 1491
block: 4000000 reward: 1454
block: 4100000 reward: 1418
block: 4200000 reward: 1384
block: 4300000 reward: 1352
block: 4400000 reward: 1321
block: 4500000 reward: 1292
block: 4600000 reward: 1264
block: 4700000 reward: 1237
block: 4800000 reward: 1211
block: 4900000 reward: 1187
How can I get in touch with devs or with who is in charge of media/marketing? - Permalink Copy to clipboard
Please send your request on the Discord Channels or Telegram Channel. Links in this section.
How is the fork estimate calculated? - Permalink Copy to clipboard
The fork will occur on block 1250000.
The estimate is calculated using real time information from the network.

AVERAGE_BLOCK_TIME= based on last 10 blocks time
Is this site maintained by Mooncoin devs?
No, I just realized that information regarding Mooncoin was too much scattered all over the internet and I think this FAQ can help.
More stuff will come if I see people like it.
If you want to donate Mooncoins to support this site: 2NxKNiGBWE1LVCfg6SxfuewKNLTLrahPQv
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